The Ripple Effect

By AM Northwest Staff

Steve Fulmer, life coach, joined us today to discuss the "Ripple Effect" and how to escape it.

Here are some tips:




1) The key to wanting is letting go. You name a want in order to plant a seed, to give yourself clarity about the kinds of things you would like to attract into your life. But to stay there, focused on the want, is to stay focused on what is missing. So, name it then let it go.

2) Think of a sponge. If you hold on tight to your wants, it's like holding on tight to a sponge. When you hold tight to a sponge it can't absorb anything. But once you let go of that sponge, it opens up and soaks in everything.

3) Once you let go of the wants you are now pointed in the right direction and it's time to change what you see. Jimmy Buffet sings a song about it called an Attitude of Gratitude. When you can start to see how aspects of these wants are already in your life you start to put your attention to the right things - what IS - and more of it comes along. When you focus on what's missing you are simply attracting more of that which is missing. Turn it around and attract what is present.

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