Ending The Tobacco Holocaust

By AM Northwest Staff

Ending the Tobbaco Holocaust By Dr. Michael Rabinoff

Every day, at least 1,241 Americans die before their time. They die painful, lingering deaths that could have been prevented. Every three days, as many  citizens die from this own smokinf habit, or from exposure to second-hand smoke, as died in the 9/11 tragedy. Each and every pack of ciggarettes costs American taxpayers $40 in higher medical premiums, unavailability of health services, and other hidden finacial drains. And every year, 925 out of 1,000 smokers who try to quit on their own fail to stay smoke-free for a year-while hunders of thousands of children become addicted to nicotine. Despite the Master Tobacco Settlement, the killing continues- and the settlement money is too often diverted away from smoking cessation programs and into the gernal budget.


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