Caffeine 101

By AM Northwest Staff

Ronda Gates, health promotion educator, and 20+ year veteran of AM Northwest joined us today to talk to us all about caffeine.

Please watch the segment to learn more!

Here is a list of the products Ronda showed us:

Package of coffee    135 mg/cup
Jar of instant coffee    76-106 mg/cup
Tea bag   43 mg/cup
Pepsi    40 mg/8 oz.
Mountan Dew   142 mg/8 oz.
Dr. Pepper   40 mg/8 oz
Hershey bar  56 mg/bar

Red Bull    80 mg/can
Spike  Shooter  300 mg/can
Rockstar Energy Drink  160 mg/can

Midol    64 mg/2 pills
Excedrin 130 mg/2 pills
No Doz  200 mg/pill

For more information on Ronda please click here to visit her website.


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