Does Your Child Need Therapy?

By AM Northwest Staff



Dr. Cynthia Arnold joined us to give advice on whether or not your child needs therapy. Dr. Arnold is a clinical psychologist who specializes in working with children, teens and families. She excels in providing common-sense, realistic strategies.





Here are some of the tips she discussed:

·         How can I tell if my child is depressed or needs outside help?

               o   Possible Warning Signs:

§ Big Changes
·         Death
·         Divorce
·         Relocating
§ Academics
·         Decline in work
·         Never succeeded / Learning Disability
§ Emotions
·         Internalizing: Anxious, shy, withdrawn or sad
·         Externalizing: Irritable and angry
·         Low self esteem
§ Social
·         Friendship problems or reduced interests
·         Bullied or bullying
§ Behavior Problems
o   In summation:
§ Why not seek help? It is always better to prevent a problem than to try to fix it later. Insurance often covers mental health.
§ Any change in behavior is an indication that something bigger is happening.

·         How do you know if a therapist is a good fit?

o   Training:
§   What level of care do you need? (i.e., Psychologist, Psychiatrist or counselor)
§   What type of problem (specialty) do you need? (i.e., Autism, LD or Behavior)
o   Research: 80% of treatment success is based on a good match between client and therapist!
o   A good therapist...
§ Shows respect for you and your child.
§ Has a plan for treatment and keeps you in close contact regarding progress.

§ Creates a close and caring relationship with your child very quickly.

For more information on Dr. Arnold please click here to visit her website.

Here is some additional ways to contact Dr. Arnold: 

New Leaves Clinic
Cynthia Arnold, Ph.D.
1500 N.W. Bethany Blvd, Beaverton, OR 97006
Phone: 503.274.0996


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