Wardrobe Malfuctions

By AM Northwest Staff

Who can forget poor Tara Reid's wardrobe malfuction on the red carpet?

Celebrities seem to have more malfunctions than the rest of us but they do happen in everyday life.

We had a variety of unique solutions to a variety of wardrobe problems was image consultant Dani Juhala.



How to avoid Wardrobe Malfunctions:






Avoid your long pants getting caught in your open heeled shoes.. (Kix By Katie) A pad simply adheres to the inside, back hemline of your pants. This handy little device keeps the bottom of your pants flat and straight in the problem area where shoes flip up and down.






Wear a nude shapewear tank top ( Spanks or Assets) to avoid bunching or bulky layering pieces.



    • SHOWING BRA STRAPS: a little "H" shaped clip is pulling together the bra-straps in the back to avoid showing straps when wearing a racerback shirt…it also relieves pressure off shoulders!



Feel safe and covered in thin, lacy or sheer blouses – Thin cotton pad conceals while the flower shape contours to your body.



- run in your pantyhose: dap nailpolish on hole to stop the run

-deodorant stains on clothes – babywipes!

- ink mark on leather purse – babywipes!

-new slippery shoes – use your emery board to scuff up soles!



You can contact Dani Juhala, Image Consulant by calling Personal Shopper at 503-804-4320 or click here.


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