10 Things to Do for a Friend w/ Breast Cancer

By AM Northwest Staff

Having a friend or relative receive a diagnosis of breast cancer can be frightening and bewildering.

Should you talk about it or avoid it so as not to upset your friend?

We had the top 10 best things to do for a friend or relative for breast cancer were the co-founders of "Breast Friends" Sharon Henifin and Becky Olson.


Top 10 things you can do to help someone through treatment for breast cancer:

  1. Be proactive – don’t wait for the patient to call and ask for help.
  2. Stay in touch – call, visit, send cards and letters – don’t let her feel alone.
  3. Ask/Listen – Don’t judge – You can’t "fix" this – so don’t try.
  4. Remember she is the same person she was before her diagnosis

    If she liked movies – bring a funny video and popcorn

    If she liked crafts – come by to do crafts with her

  5. Tell her you’d like to go with her to doctor appointments to take notes for her.
  6. Bring healthy meals for her family. Don’t ask if you can bring her meals – just make it and find out when is a good time to drop by with it. She can always freeze if they have plans that night.
  7. If she will experience chemo – have a "Hat Shower."
  8. Help with chores at her house – laundry, housecleaning, etc (or give her a gift certificate to hire it done)
  9. Solicit help from her family and friends to do the same – assign duties
  10. Go on-line to www.breastfriends.com to view our new video, "A Practical Guide to Breast Cancer Support."



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