How to Become a Better Wife

By AM Northwest Staff

Laure Redmond gave us tips on how to become a better wife. For more information, visit her website, or read the tips below:

10 Steps to Becoming a Better Wife

In the spirit of spring, now is the perfect time to become a better wife. Think of it like a personal spring-cleaning of those habits and behaviors that don’t foster closeness or connection with your significant other. The best part of becoming a better wife is the appreciation you’ll get from your husband. In fact, your good efforts will mean as much to him as playing 18 holes with the guys on a perfectly sunny day.

1. Stop complaining
There are times in life when a good dose of restraint goes a long way in saving relationships.

2. Take off the sweat pants
Not only will he be excited to see you dressed in real clothes, additionally, when you wear clothes without an elastic band, you’ll remain more conscious while eating.

3. Be nice and enjoy listening
Think back to when you were dating your husband and remember how thoughtfully you treated him, while also showing interest in his opinions. Try this behavior again and watch how he lights up.

4. Only ask him to fix something twice
It’s fair to say that the first time you ask, he might not hear you, but the second time, he absolutely heard you. Don’t ask a third time, however if it’s not fixed in a month, let him know (nicely) you’re hiring a handyman.

5. Watch sports and try to get into it, even just a little bit
March madness is a perfect time to try this out or wait until Greg Oden is off the bench and you can support your local basketball team together.

6. Be the physical aggressor
Give him a back rub or a neck rub and after the fact, ask him to return the favor.

7. Eat ribs, drink beer or enjoy those Fries together once a month
The point is, it’s fun to enjoy eating together and no guy likes it when you order a salad or pick at your food like a bird.

8. Take a road trip with your girlfriends
You’ll have a chance to vent without regret and he’ll be impressed that you trust him to run the house and family while you’re gone – and of course, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

9. Don’t ask him if you look fat
Since there’s no way he’ll answer you the way you want him to and then you’ll get mad. Ask your most trustworthy girlfriend instead or better yet, ask yourself, since we know our bodies better then anyone else.

10. Don't forget to laugh, especially at yourself
Look for the humor in things around you. Let your hair down more often. Do something silly and totally unexpected from time to time.


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