I Survived

By AM Northwest Staff

What would you do if confronted with death? Would your life flash before your eyes? Would you fight emotionally and physically to the very end? No one can say for certain, aside from those who've faced life-threatening situations  --  and lived.
Bio showed a new original series, "I Survived", an inspirational one-hour program featuring the gripping stories of ordinary people found in extraordinary, life-altering situations. In their own words, these survivors return to that fateful day and recall -- oftentimes emotionally --their experience and the steps that helped them become an agent on their own survival.
The episode airing Monday, April 14 includes a resident from Portland, who survived a brutal four bullets to the head and survived. The incident occurred October 3, 2001.
Lonnie was living with her boyfriend, Michael, unaware he was wanted for fraud in Texas. She soon realized that Michael had stolen large amounts of money from her and that she really didn't know the man she was living with. She confronted him and set in motion a horrifying series of events. Michael brutally attacked Lonnie, choking her into unconsciousness and shooting her four times in the head. Amazingly, Lonnie survived the shooting but had to pretend to be dead for an agonizing four hours until she was able to make a 911 call.  
"I Survived" will air Monday, April 14th at 9pm on Bio. For more information click here.


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