The HA Anti-Aging Solution

By AM Northwest Staff


Dr. Chris Meletis gives us, "The HA Anti-Aging Answer," a book dedicated to teach how to preserve the body.

Wrinkled skin, painful joints, heart disease. These are all conditions that top the list of problems related to aging. And while there is no fountain of youth, science has uncovered one of nature's best-kept secrets in the fight against the ravages of time. Hyaluronic acid, or HA is a primary component of the fluids that replenish, lubricate and protect various tissues of the body. In fact, so crucial is the role of this "liquid gold" in maintaining connective tissue in the joints, heart, skin and eyes that its declining production with age results in many of the classic signs associated with aging. The good news is that we now can increase our body's levels of HA through injection and oral supplementation. Mounting evidence suggests that HA supplements - particularly in the high molecular weight, bio-identical form - can provide relief from painful joints and inflammation, reduce the severity of wrinkles, and even protect the cardiovascular system. Inside this groundbreaking book, authors Chris Melentis, N.D., and Dave Rousett explain how the remarkable HA may protect joints from arthritic conditions, relieve inflammation, reduce skin wrinkles and moisurize skin, preserve the structrion of the eye and brain, prevent the onset of various cardiovascular conditions, and be involved in the body's defense against cancer and much more! So read the HA Anti-Aging Answer, and discover why hyaluronic acid may just be your most effective weapoin in the fight to fend off age-related symptoms, achieve optimal health and look and feel great.

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