Married and Happy, Not Fat

Laure Redmond, author of Feel Good Naked, gave AM Northwest viewers
8 Figure-Saving Secrets to Ensure Marriage Won’t Make You Fat. With the average newlywed couple gaining a combined 25 pounds within the first six months of marriage, these tips are worth reviewing. Even though it might feel cozy to snuggle up in front of the TV while snacking on nachos, beer, pizza or cheese steaks, it won’t feel so cozy when your clothes no longer fit and your gut is bigger than your butt. Here’s the best way to recommit to a healthy lifestyle - together:

1. Go through your kitchen cabinets and refrigerator and toss out all the junk food and soda, even if it’s diet soda.


2. Plan a date to go shopping for healthy foods. In fact, dress up for this date, which will put you more in the mood to fill your shopping cart with fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meats.


3. Re-commit to exercise by meeting at the gym three times a week. *Many gyms offer a family discount on membership prices.


4. Set monthly weight loss goals and state them to each other. When that goal is met, the winner gets to pick a shared indulgence like a couples massage, a weekend at the beach or a candle lit dinner.


5. Create a new hairstyle, which takes your mind off your body and gives you a non-fattening focus that’s appearance oriented.


6. Be body confident and flaunt your stuff in a skimpy bathing suit or new lingerie. The best way to kill that desire to binge is to go bathing suit shopping.


7. Buy a juicer and enjoy refreshing, fresh-made juices instead of ice cream. Summer screams for this type of energy booster.


8. Laugh often and use humor as a means to get some perspective on life’s calamities, both big and small. Enjoyable, calorie-free ways to do this include renting a funny movie or watching a sitcom, spend time with people who see the bright side of life, read jokes out loud to each other or listen to a comedian while driving long distances.


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