Find More Time in Your Day w/ Sam Carpenter

Feeling like you need more time in a day? Sam Carpenter, author of the new book, Work the System, gave us tips to eliminate chaos in our home, life and work. They are: 

Write it down – Create written procedures to get organized at home and in the workplace. Something as simple as washing the car, paying the bills, renting movies, buying groceries, or changing diapers. Documented, written systems will make you more efficient and productive, and eliminates reinventing the wheel. Sam will explain why systems equal organization.


2)      Slow down. Get organized – The problem in too many lives is chaos brought on by the failure to slow down enough to set goals and determine sensible strategies to reach them. Start with a simple list on a piece of paper. Write down five or six actions that would reduce stress. Carry the note in your pocket for a few days, jotting down ideas as they come to mind. Look at these action items as a set of systems.


3)      What’s your Biological Prime Time? – Your BPT has to do with your most effective time of day due to biological makeup. Mechanical Prime Time has to do with what you do with your time. Sam will explain why figuring out your BPT is crucial to effectiveness, organization, and making the most of your time.


4)      Stop playing Whac-a-Mole and avoid multi-tasking – Whatever you’re working on, be 100 percent present. Give full attention to the person or task at hand. Procrastination is a lack of “quiet courage,” which resides deep in the gut and causes one to buck up to do what needs to be done whether one wants to do it or not. It’s self-discipline.


5)      Recognize errors of omission. And fix them –  Errors of omission are the outcome of failing to take steps that should have been taken. For example, failure to: exercise leads to a lethargic energy level and an unhealthy mind/body; pay a bill leads to a late charge; recognize birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays contribute to the transformation of a passionate relationship to one of mutual complacency.

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