Are You Too Honest?

We hear a lot about, "living authentically," but that doesn't mean you have to share all of you business. In fact, sharing too much can be detrimental.  Life coach Stephanie Somanchi tells us more.

Living honestly and authentically doesn't mean that you need to share all of your business.  Often too much is shared and abusive personalities take advantage of our openness.  Remain true to yourself by selectively and truthfully choosing how much of yourself you reveal.

First you must determine the emotional level you are at with the person, and then decide how much of yourself to share. Using a clothing analogy can help one decide how much should and can be revealed.


Interview Suit

Most people you meet fall into this category. You should show only the best parts of yourself; the polite, public aspects of your personality. This is when you say please and thank you and keep most of the conversation to surface topics… where you work, weather conditions, movies, etc.


Jeans & T-Shirt

Some people you like and see occasionally. These are people you have reached a more casual relationship with, and feel a general sense of ease. Sharing concerns about politics, thoughts about your kid’s soccer games, surface information about work ….. more personal but far from intimate.


Sweats & A Mud-Mask

A handful of people play this role in your life. You know this person very well, and have developed a close relationship. Share the concerns you have about your children’s behavior, your goals at work, your successes, and some struggles. You can ask this person to pick you up from the airport in the middle of the night.



An exceptional few. Very few people get to see the raw emotional side of you. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The people who will listen to you cry in the middle of the night. Listen to the details of your divorce. Hold your hand and bathe you through illness. These are the selected few who offer you unconditional love and support. You can share your childhood traumas, pains, worries, and sacred dreams without fear of it being used against you.

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