Wedding Gripes

A wedding is about more than the bride and the groom, there are also guests to consider.  From the date that you choose, to the centerpieces you pick, your guest will have an opinion about everything... and sometimes they have a point!  Nora Totonchy tells us how to avoid the common wedding guest gripes.

What guests gripe about, don't let it happen at your wedding!

-Friday and Sunday Weddings- They are inconvenient for those who work and for travelers.

-Sound and Length of the Ceremony are important, you want them to hear the bride!  - Amplification especially if the ceremony is outside; Programs to keep the guests entertained if the ceremony is long; If the ceremony is short, have the ceremony and reception in the same place.

- Lull between the Ceremony and Reception- This is inconvenient for out of towners; Go to the reception anyway - Messes up timeline.

-Receiving Lines- They take a long time and they are impersonal.  Instead take time at cocktail hour during the reception to greet all guests.

- Wedding Party Dates not Sittnig at the Head Table

-Long Toasts- Keep it simple.  Introduce yourself, Thank the host, Tell a touching or humorous story, and end with a quote or message. Then ask guest to raise their glasses.  Remember, no inappropriate stories or inside jokes.  Kepp the toast short - 5 minutes or less.  Make sure to speak slowly and stay relatively sober.

-Slow Buffet Line-  Have at least a 2-sided buffet and release guests table by table.

-Centerpieces that are obstructing the view- Go either low or high.  You don't want your centerpiece on the floor!

-Heat Plan- Most people plan for rain, but not heat!

-Not sending a thank you note-  Technically, you have two months

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