7 Steps to Happiness

Women today, have more choices than any other generation in history and yet, according to surveys, we are less happy than our grandmothers.  Why would that be?  Possible because we have too many choices and not enough quality in our lives.  Life success coach Karen Lavoie tells us how to put the "happy" back in our lives.  

7 Steps to Happy Living

True happiness…not QUICK FIXES: As of today women have more choices than any other generation and yet according to surveys we are less happy than our grandmothers!  Why? We have too many choices and not enough quality in our lives.

 So let me help you put the quality back into your life!

1. True Friendships

Appreciate your friendships. Your friends allow you to be the “real” you without judgment and with a lot of forgiveness!  You can have friends that meet different requirements: personal, career, spiritual and or your health.  These friends allow you to open up and share your dreams, fears and doubts helping you become stronger in whom you truly are.  This can take time but it is well worth it!  Nurture the relationships you have…they are like GOLD!  True friendship is the basis of all happiness.

2. Be Spontaneous and Adventurous.

Kick up your heals and live!  Break the routine of your life.  You have secret passions and desires…hang-glide, trip to Paris, a lavish meal out or perhaps run through the sprinklers like a child again!  LIVE.  FEEL THE JOY OF LIFE.  Take a few risks and see what happens. 

3. Let the STUFF Go!

“When you have limitless funds, you tend to be hell bent on accumulating more,” says New York clinical psychiatrist Janet Taylor. “In the process, you lose the ability to appreciate what you do own and have difficulty feeling fulfilled.”

So clean up your place.  ONLY KEEP the items that SCREAM at YOU!  “Keep me!!!!!!!!!”  Too much stuff clutters your emotional world and you do not truly experience the joy of what you have!

Sell your excess stuff or donate it to Goodwill or your favorite charity!  Then you can truly appreciate what you have that is of VALUE to YOU!

4. Balancing the Must Do’s with Me Time

Yes, it is important to get done what is essential in your life.  However, almost peeing your pants because you do not have time is just SILLY! And yet, women do just that! 

Take the time to go to the bank, pick up groceries, while allowing time for your gardening, yoga or a quite walk.  YOU are important. Love yourself as much as you do others and your career.

5. Remember, YOU are WORTH IT.

Face it; making it in this world takes some serious discipline, regardless of your personality profile. “The pressure to keep up is so exhausting that it would seem like the payoff for showing such restraint would be great,” says Seaward. “But if you don’t stop to savor something pleasurable, you’re going to wind up miserable.”

Simple little pleasures like an ice-cream cone on a hot day once during the summer, or a new book of poems or a journal or perhaps a new plant for your desk is a wonderful indulgence. Give to yourself.  YOU are worthy!

6. Love the “You” that You are

Put aside the self destructive talk when you make the mistake at work, at social setting or when in front of your mirror.

Remember the kind words of a friend or spouse instead. Or the praise your boss or co-worker gave you earlier in the week.  Take time to complement yourself.  You are your own best friend or worst enemy…which is it going to be?

7. Stop Second Guessing Yourself

‘Mental browsing’ is a recipe for dissatisfaction,” says Schwartz. “You’re wasting time and energy on doubting a good move just because there was another option, or 10, that you didn’t choose. You’ll never be happy if you live like this.”

The solution? Say you are at a restaurant ordering your meal. Focus on two qualities that you like about the meal and know you made the right choice.  This way you can enjoy the meal…otherwise, you will miss out on your enjoyment of the meal and the experience.  The same with your career, relationships and all other choices.  Make the best decision you can at the time and move on with the experience and be happy!  Life offers you choices all day long.  Trust your instincts.

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