Throw a Better Baby Shower

Baby showers once meant awkward small talk and tiny sandwiches – but times are changing. Today’s baby showers can range from backyard barbecues (AKA "baby-q's") to co-ed mingling to wedding-scale blowouts. Lauren Allen , Portland Editor for joined us with some new trends for baby showers:

Gifts for Mama

  • Baby showers don’t just mean gifts for babies anymore
  • There’s a trend where people are getting gifts for the mom-to-be, with goodies like prenatal massages and lotions
  • Baby comes first, but grown-up indulgences are always appreciated – especially since pregnancy can come with its pretty uncomfortable moments

Daddies on Board

  • Don’t be surprised to see men at a baby shower these days. According to a poll on our sister site, 60 percent of people would throw a co-ed baby shower!
  • While dad-to-be might not enjoy unwrapping breast pumps and bibs, why shouldn’t he and his buddies join in the celebration? After all, it’s his baby too!
  • If you do decide to have a co-ed baby shower, make sure there are games the boys can bond over too. We’ve heard of one baby shower on where there was a poker tournament with $10 and a pack of diapers as a buy-in!

Bold Hues & New Favors

  • Forget your average pink and blue pastels, today’s baby showers are taking on a whole new look
  • Today’s hot shower hues include bold and cool combos like orange and pink, or blue and brown, or periwinkle and cream
  • Favors are getting a makeover too. One of our favorite ideas is filling up old-fashioned milk bottles with different kinds of milk and serving it with cute cupcakes as guests head out the door. You can’t ever go wrong with edible favors!


  • Just because mom-to-be won’t be looking for the bar, that doesn’t mean the shower has to stay dry
  • More and more showers are including fun, adult drinks, and a baby shower that occurs during brunch is a perfect way to tie in bellinis and mimosas

Couture Cakes

  • Sheet cakes aren’t the standard for baby showers anymore!
  • These days, baby shower cakes are almost on par with wedding cakes
  • Cupcakes were a huge trend when it came to weddings, and now we’re seeing it in baby showers. And one-of-a-kind cakes are being designed by the best cake bakers and are oftentimes the centerpiece of the shower (in addition to the mom-to-be)

Baby Sprinkles

  • Showers aren’t all about firsts anymore. These days, women pregnant with their second, third or fourth child are getting baby "sprinkles"
  • Think of the baby sprinkle as a "sprinkling" of gifts instead of a full-on shower since second-time moms are usually well set-up with gear
  • At a baby sprinkle, the new addition is honored with a get-together and small gifts like diapers, wipes and books
  • Consider using umbrellas or parasols for décor, raindrop-shaped cookies as favors to turn this into a theme

Cool, modern-day baby shower themes:


  • One idea we love is "nesting" theme for a baby shower.
  • For example, decorate an entryway table with light blue tulle and blue feathers. On top of the table, you can have two tall glass vases filled with branches and wired-on butterflies and birds
  • You could use white birdcages as centerpieces and find mini wired houses as favors – just fill them up with sweet treats like grass, marshmallows and packets of hot chocolate
  • It’s a modern and unique take on a baby shower


  • A "baby-q" is perfect for a baby shower in the backyard or a park
  • Offer drinks like beer, mocktails, and cider, and continue the festivities with a game of softball or old-school kickball
  • Food could be mini versions of burgers, hot dogs, little cups of potato salad, and more

Baby Gone Wild

  • Forget the old zoo baby shower theme – now there’s the "baby gone wild" theme
  • The "baby gone wild" baby shower theme is bringing the zoo baby shower theme to a whole new level. Think of it is sassy and bold with zebra print tablecloths

A Star is Born

  • Perfect for the celeb-obsessed mom-to-be. You could lay down a red carpet and set up a video camera to catch guests’ arrivals on film and even ask them to record a good-luck message for the new family
  • When mom-to-be is opening presents, have her sit in a director’s chair with a feather boa
  • Leave disposable cameras throughout the room and encourage people to pose and primp for the lens.
  • Ask guests to create a couture line of clothing for the little one by setting up a table with white cotton onesies and fabric markers
  • For games, you can quiz guests on their celebrity baby knowledge. For example, which celebrity moms have gotten push presents, who has a baby named Shiloh, and more


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