Bedroom Lies

Most people agree that lying isn't good except for some reason... when it comes to the bedroom. Unfortunately this can lead to your sexual un-happiness. Sexpert Shauna Coverdale stopped by to let us know how to uncover those secrets and have a better sex life.

 If you are having trouble with lying in the bedroom, you should:

 If your partner seems disinterested, it can lead to a loss of excitement in the sexual relationship. Take responsibility for your part in the dilemma and work to spice up the bedroom. Be proactive!

If you have desires that aren't being met, SPEAK UP and voice your opinion! Reveal your fantasies and don't be too intimidated to live out your sexual might be just what your relationship needs.

Have attainable expectations that you and your partner can agree on. Your sex life is not going to be all satin sheets and hours of foreplay like you see in the movies, but you can still enjoy the time and effort that both of you are able to share in the relationship. Let go of your unrealistic expectations and achieve your version of the perfect sex life!


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