Household Hints

We test out helpful household hints from our viewers.

Household Hints:

-For small scratches on polished furniture, rub with a shelled walnut.

-For stinky shoes, fill a stocking with tea leaves and leave overnight.

-Revive old marker pens by dipping the tip in acetone.

-To remove adhesive tickers from glass, soak in vegetable oil (or rub if on the car window)

-Use a coffee filter as a strainer

-Use white toothpaste to polish silver cutlery.

-Mayonnaise can remove scuff marks.

-Remove a permanent ink stain with finger polish remover (place a cloth over towel and blot out)

-To fix broken sunglasses, when one side has broken off, stick an old earring post in it.

-To clean your jewelry, soak it in ketchup over night, then rinse in hot water.

-Wrap a rubber band around the lid or top of a jar, it will give you enough grip to unscrew it.


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