Shoe Mill

Oregonians are busy and active, and need shoes that can provide not only comfort, but also individual style. We will show you a shoe line that has been providing both for more than one hundred years. President and CEO of Shoe Mill, Ed Hubber, tells us about Clarks shoes.

The brand Shoe Mill will be featuring is Clarks England. This well know brand has been in business since 1825 when Cyrus Clark tanned his own sheepskin for custom made slippers. In 1950s, Nathan Clark introduced the Desert Boot (we will have one to show as an example) modeled after the soft supple boots found in the bazaars of Cairo. In 1960's Lance Clark introduced the Wallabee, a simple moccasin on the same crepe sole that became a huge success.

Today Clarks England has a global presence and their USA division carries styles that are from the European Collection, as well as styles that are unique to our customer base. The most recent collection introduced that has taken the world by storm is call "Unstructured".

Clarks Unstructured collection has a unique climate controlled technology call ACS (Air Circulation System). This patent pending technology allows air to circulate around the feet to keep them cool, comfortable and dry.

Warm moist air passes through a breathable channel mesh sandwiched between the upper and perforated lambskin lining. It then rises out through perforations in the lining and strategically placed exhaust vents in the shoe… and evaporates.

Ambient outside air is then drawn in through intake vents in the side of the sole. This replacement air travels through channels in the mid sole, up into the channel mesh and then expelled through perforated linings.

See the Shoe Mill's website for more information.


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