Tech Toys

We'll see some of the latest and greatest tech toys for kids.

Smart Kid's Party Fun Pack / UFO Interactive Games for Nintendo DS
"36 games for boys and girls"
of chasing Mario aimlessly around the racetrack?  Bored of the never-ending quest to save humanity from evil-doers everywhere?  Looking for a game suitable for boys, girls and their siblings?  UFO Interactive Games offers a simple, kid-friendly and rewarding game pack featuring 36 casual and skill-based mini-games for Nintendo's portable game system.  Available soon on

flyPhone and glowPhone / Firefly
"Pay-as-you-go wireless for kids"
With fun and easy-to-use phones perfect for the youngster, the pair of options from Firefly starts with the basic glowPhone (pink or black) for $50 that makes and receives phone calls (go figure, right?) using  a pre-programmed (and PIN-protected) address book – and sports built-in games and wallpapers.   For twice the price parents can equip their grade-schoolers with text messaging and MP3 playback in the flyPhone.

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Camera
"Kid-Friendly digital camera"
My niece loves watching me take photos with my digital camera. Unfortunately, equipping this preschooler with a $1500 digital SLR camera like my Nikon D200 – probably not a wise idea. Kid Expert Fisher Price comes to the rescue with a $60 option for the 3-7 year old set… available in blue or pink it takes up to 50 photos and has a dual-eye viewfinder designed for the little one. Plus, since it's made by Fisher-Price – you know it's built -- as they say "kid tough".
Check it out

Fisher-Price Kid Tough DVD Player
"Rugged DVD player perfect for road trips"
Give your kids the Fisher-Price Kid Tough DVD player and they'll be entertained for hours!  (Well, as long as the battery lasts at least.)  The rugged movie-playing device by Fisher Price lets you play the same movies from your home library on-the-go.  Suitable for in-car (and cheaper than many custom-mounted options), airplanes, trains, or waiting rooms… the portable unit runs on batteries and has a reasonably-sized screen.  Favorite features (a tie): kick-stand legs for tray-table viewing, and drop-proof design (I know, I dropped it!).  Available in pink  Accessory pack





School keyboard
"Keyboard and writing stylus with educational software"
Helen, Dave and I went back-to-school today thanks to the Fisher Price Fun-2-Learn Ready Set School keyboard.  The kid-friendly computer add-on has big buttons and a writing tablet.  Connect it to your PC, install the software and your child has aan interactive multimedia learning center!  The bundled software covers reading, writing, math, art, music, and science.  Additional modules can be purchased separately.  Please note: Keyboard & software require a Windows-based computer (not-included). Website 

Mirosoft Zoo Tycoon 2 / game ratings
"Look for "E" ratings for all-ages gaming"
It's no secret to parents that games can be very violent.   The ESRB (a sort of MPAA for video games) has developed a ratings system to help buyers select video games with content appropriate for children.  Zoo Tycoon 2 by Microsoft is rated "E" for Everyone, and available here:   For more information on ratings, check out the Entertainment Software Ratings Board guide:  

i-Dog Soft Speakers by Hasbro
"Soft speakers for your MP3 player"
Hasbro's line of i-Dog speakers is a loveable assortment of pet-like speakers with dancing lights.  A new version, available soon, adds a soft cuddly dog in various colors to the mix.  Squeeze the nose for a dancing song and light show or plug in your own portable music player to use as a speaker.   Runs on AA batteries (included) 

Girl Tech Stylin Studio

"Digital Makeovers for girls"

Get a digital makeover from your own computer!  Take photos, make edits, and more!  "Equipped with a cool touchpad console and a digital camera that connects to the monitor, Girl Tech Stylin Studio provides girls with tons of cool effects for make-up, hair, clothing and accessories."  Share creations using the photo booth mode! 


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