A new survey found that 88 percent of women want to change something about their appearance, and 40 percent of them have looked into cosmetic surgey.  Yet 85 percent say they would make changes if they could do it without the physical and financial pain. Shopzilla's online shopping expert, Helen Malani, shows us how this can be done.

Helen's FIVE ways to make drastic changes to your appearance, all for under $100 – a mere fraction of the cost of cosmetic procedures.   

  1. A smaller waist, the most highly desired improvement, with 70% of women reporting this as their desired improvement.

·         Instead of spending $2,982 for liposuction, try a super slimmer for under $50!

  1. Almost 40% of women wish they could have longer, thicker hair.

·         Instead of paying hundreds or thousands at the salon, consider do-it-yourself hair extensions you can buy online. Go from curly to bangs to long, straight hair.

  1. Celebs have known for decades that fake eyelashes do wonders to enlarge your eyes and perk up a face.

·         You can pay up to $1,400 for mink eyelash extensions in fancy New York salons, or you can choose pairs starting under $2.00 a pop.

  1. For the women out there who want a curvier derriere but are having no luck on that Stairmaster, try a pair of padded panties!

·         According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, butt implants increased 62% from 2006 to 2007 and the cost for the average surgery runs a steep $4722

  1. Get a bust boost with a water bra or other breast-enhancing lingerie.

·         With almost half a million (451,100) women opting for breast augmentation or lifts in 2007 alone, the bust line is clearly where a lot of women spend their time focused. But instead of shelling out the $4,000 for a boob job, try a water bra or other breast-enhancing bra. They’re a long way from yesterday’s Kleenex.

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