Healthy Kitchen

Amy Sewell stops by to show us  why a clean kitchen is a healthy kitchen.  She has gadgets for a safe and healthy kitchen, from keeping kitchen counters clean to measuring portion sizes.

“Cook Up A Healthy Kitchen”

1. Shark Steam Mop – Keep the kitchen floor clean and polished without using any chemicals hazardous to children and pets.

2. Clean & Shield Surface Care – Keep countertops clean with a solution that includes an anti-bacterial shield.

3.Vita-Mix – Use this powerful blender to grind whole grains, knead bread dough, and make healthy soups from whole foods and veggies!  To demo the power of the machine, I’ll make up a batch of peanut butter in less than a minute using only fresh peanuts without any added oils and sugars.

4.Muffin Scoop – Keep control of your portions with this ¼ cup batter scoop that is perfect for muffins, scones, and more.

5. Cookie Scoop Set – This set of scoops in three different sizes helps you keep track and cookie portions and calories.  Of course, scoops can be used for many other foods as well.

6. Fit &





Center – Chop, weigh and measure your foods all at once!  This includes a non-skid cutting board, compact food scale and 2-cup measuring section to help maintain proper portions.






7. Portion Control Discs – These non-slip discs, which double as cutting boards, illustrate the proper portions for meat, chicken, fish, sides, and desserts!

8.  Wholesome Medley Pet Food – Keep your pet’s diet healthful with this new pet food that is all-natural and gluten-free.  The online feeding guide helps you determine just the right portions for your pets.







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