Get Unstuck: 5 Steps to Moving Forward

Savannah Mayfield,  Certified Personal Coach tells us how to get un-stuck in our lives.

Getting Un-stuck: the first four steps to moving your life forward

  • Clarify your direction: Think about being stuck as an opportunity to pause and take measure of your life to determine what will bring you more fulfillment. With the stress of everyday living, you often don’t take the time to reflect on what you really want. And you don’t get what you want in life when you don’t know what you want!
  • Make small, reasonable changes: Often, when trying to make a change, we try to make too many changes too quickly. You don’t have to pick up your whole life, move across the country or quit your job. Start with small steps to get out of your habitual patterns. For example, if you always drive the same route to work, try a new one (or even better, ride a train or a bike).
  • Spend time around creative, active people: When you are stuck, you might tend to gravitate towards other people who are also stuck. Shift your attention by spending time with someone who IS in a positive place in life.
  • Focus on what is working: Even when you are stuck, there are some areas of your life that are going well. By focusing on what is working and identifying why it works, you will connect to your strengths and shift into creative thinking.

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