"Feel Good Friday"

Self-esteem coach and author of "Feel Good Naked," Laure Redmond joins us on this feel good Friday to let us know how to deal with these economic times without becoming overstressed.

Don’t Panic … from bailout to breakthrough.
8 Steps for reducing stress and fear:

  1. Focus on the love and respect you have in your life, not the lost investments or lack of income.  
  2. When negative, fearful thoughts start to take over, visualize a large red “Stop” sign. Re-boot your mentality with visions of a calming scene or a favorite song. Focusing on thoughts that conjure a positive attitude will go a long way in helping you create a positive outcome.   
  3. Take action.  Too many of us have to suffer long and hard in order to get fed up enough to finally make the changes we know we need to make.  Put an end to the suffering with one simple action.  If you're worried about money, for example, do one thing to improve your financial health today.  Balance your checkbook, renegotiate your charge card payments, or ask an accountant for help in creating a new spending plan.   
  4. Find your faith. Faith is knowing that when you do what you can and put your trust in a higher plan, ultimately you'll get that breakthrough you're waiting for. 
  5. Create lemonade out of lemons – if you can’t afford to eat out, organize a neighborhood potluck that includes a theme and switches houses each month.
  6. Show up for free. Attend arts and cultural events in your locale whenever you can; it’s enriching and often free for the enjoying.
  7. Ask friends how they are saving money and create your own savings plan. Warehouse stores and your local library are great ways to save. Cut back on unnecessary items like lattes, bottled water and drinking soda.
  8. Commit to a relaxation plan instead of self-sabotage. High stress leads to the desire for immediate relief that typically comes in the form of harmful habits. Avoid the impulse to over eat, drink or smoke because that will only make you feel worse.

For more information and tips from Laure Redmond, Visit her website.


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