Creepy Crawlies for Your Garden

Metro’s natural gardening specialist, Carl Grimm, shows us how creepy creatures can help your garden thrive without pesticides. Worms, beetles and beneficial bugs don’t just go "bump" in the night; they also help build healthy soil, eat bad bugs, and feed friendly birds.

Millions of creepy creatures help save your soil

Worms and ground beetles may seem scary, but they’re our freaky friends. Night crawlers help make the soil fertile, and black ground beetles help keep other bugs at bay by eating them alive. How can you encourage these little workers? Feed and house them by letting leaves lie on the soil, making a layer of "magical" mulch that also lets you spend less time raking and more time enjoying your garden bounty. Each handful of soil enhanced by leafy mulch can contain 5-10 billion creepy creatures that help your garden grow. You can keep ‘em busy by composting, too, and avoiding pesticides and fast-acting fertilizers.

Spooky plants attract willing workers

Leave the dead remains of select flowers, twigs and pods on your plants this winter, and you’ll be helping birds keep the bad bugs at bay all year. These plant parts provide nesting material, food and little roosts for birds to better survive the cold winter months. Beautiful evergreen trees and shrubs also provide food and shelter for birds, helpful bugs and pest-eating spiders.

A garden that’s safe for creepy-crawlies is a garden that’s safe for you, your children and local rivers and streams.

is a garden that’s safe for you, your children and local rivers and streams.

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