Create Your Own Emergency Information Card

If something happened to you, would your family know all of your important health information?  Our favorite Health Expert, Ronda Gates, shares with us why everyone needs an emergency information kit. 

Typical information you should have available at all times for each member of the family is:

  • Your name: (for example: Jane Doe)
  • Your date of birth: (for example: February 6, 1950)
  • The name of your primary care physician: (for example: John Smith, M. D.)
  • Your blood type (if you know it. If not, ask your doctor as it should be in your medical record) (for example: Blood type O-negative)
  • Any underlying chronic medical conditions for which you are being treated: (for example: diabetes or osteoporosis or heart disease)
  • Any medications you take including prescriptions, over the counter medications (for example: aspirin, cold medications, heartburn medications), any herbs you take (for example: Gingko or St. John’s wort or Kava) and any vitamin/mineral or other supplement (for example: fish oil capsules, vitamin C, Calcium, prenatal vitamins)

Few of us carry this essential information with us. Preparing a card to carry in your wallet can be the "go to" answer for answering these questions. Additionally everyone should have information that can be carried outside a wallet to grab and go for short trips or athletic events.

For more information on Ronda Gates, visit her website.


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