Gifts Homemade by Kids

Artist and mom, Rebecca Shapiro, showed us how to help our kids make three fun and easy gifts to give this holiday season.

Decorative Votives
Candles are always a holiday hit. These pretty votives are easy and quick to make. Some can have a leaf or design cut out and covered with white tissue paper. Others can have colored tissue paper covering the votive for a stained glass effect.


  • juice glasses or baby food jars
  • white and colored tissue papers
  • watered down elmer's glue or modge podge
  • brush for glue
  • votive candle


For the design votive, collect small leaves, dried flowers or even cut out snowflakes, trees, designs by hand or using a die cutter.
brush the back of the cut out design and apply to the glass jar.
Then take a piece of white tissue paper and cover the entire jar.
Let dry overnight.

For the stained glass votive, cut the colored papers into little squares or tear into strips (kids LOVE doing this part)
brush the jar with glue and stick on the colored paper until the whole jar is covered.
Let dry overnight.

Both of these cast a really pretty glow.

Pinch Pots
Everyone needs a little bowl to hold earrings or change. Air dried pinch pots are a popular project for kids. People really like seeing that the bowl was made with a child's hands.


  • Prang, Das, Crayola air hardening modeling clay
  • sharpie markers in all sorts of colors
  • glitter + glue


You can create a pinch pot by pulling off a little clump and using your fingers to shape a bowl. You can also create a pot by rolling snakes of clay and building up a pot one coil at a time.
Depending on the size of the pot, they'll need a couple days or more to air dry. To be on the safe side, I would make these 5-7 days in advance.
You can use the red clay which is earthy colored. But, you can also use the white clay and have your kids paint or draw on it with markers once the pots are fully dry.
I like using Sharpie Markers because they come in a wide range of colors and are permanent. Paint takes time to dry, especially when kids want to paint all sides. The markers dry instantly. Be sure to monitor so they don't get the permanent ink on furniture or clothes.
You can also embellish the pots with glue and glitter after they've been decorated.

Glitter Gift Cards + Tags
Every gift needs a card and/or tag!


  • kid's drawing or holiday imagery
  • colored card stock or construction paper
  • glitter + glue
  • glue sticks


Decide the size of your card so it fits in an envelope you want to use and cut out the paper. You can also purchase pretty precut papers and envelopes in a variety of colors if you don't want to cut out paper. You can also take colored 8 1/2 x 11 paper and fold into quarters. This will fit in an A2 size envelope which is 5.5" x 4.25".
Have your child draw a holiday or seasonal themed picture. Snowmen, birds, elves, stars etc make great pictures. Scan the picture into your computer or take to a copy place that can scan the image or make colored copies for you. You can also print the image out on a photo printer. Just make sure the image can be cut out and glued to the front of your card (above). You just don't want it too big.
Have your child help glue the picture to the front of the card. Then take glue and trace a thin line around the edge of the picture. You should probably do this if your child is young. Sprinkle with glitter. You can also take elements in the picture and glitter them like a snowman's hat or seeds by a bird. Dont' be afraid to embellish with glitter. Everyone likes glitter!
If your child can write, have them hand write a message inside the card.
You can do this same thing in any size to create a hanging ornament or gift tag.

You can download the gift tag designs here.

For more great ideas, visit Rebecca's website.


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