Natural Cold & Flu Remedies

Naturopath, Dr. Angela Lambert, had advice and remedies for helping you get over the cold or flu a little faster.

Cold & Flu Prevention & Treatment: Children & Adults

 1. Normal to get 1-2 colds/ season

2. Must Identify & Treat the Cause if child or adult is

Frequently sick >3 times/ year

Lingering symptoms

Must identify the cause of depressed immune system

3. Care

Stimulate immune system

Stimulate body’s natural defenses

Prevent progression to more severe illnesses

Decrease DURATION and SEVERITY of illness

4. Lifestyle:

diet – avoid sugar, dairy, gluten

increase fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fresh fish



fresh air

5. Hydrotherapy

Warming socks (Demoed on air)

Warming t-shirt

Warming neck wrap

Castor Oil pack to the chest

Netti pot

6.Vitamins & Herbs to BOOST the immune system

Vitamin C Vitamin A Garlic

Beta carotene Medicinal mushrooms Zinc

Astragalus Codonopsis Oregon grape

Barberry Goldenseal Echinacea

Wu wei zi

7. More Basics

Proper sleep




Positive attitude

Wheel of balance

Ear exercises






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