Money Saving Ideas from Savvy College Students

Who knows better than a college student how to live on a shoe-string? College Expert Clarissa Benfield had these money saving ideas to help put a little more change back in your pocket.

Saving Money in College

1. Stop Carrying Cash, because you spend it on useless items.

2. Give up expensive coffee and buying lunch on campus.
-If you buy coffee every day you will save over $25 a week.
-Making coffee at home is easy, and you can carry it with you.

3. Pack your own lunches and snacks for school.
 -Share food with roommates, especially lunch foods.
 -Buy sandwich stuff, baby carrots, chips, crackers, granola bars, yogurt in bulk and split the costs and the food.
 -It also saves on gas if everyone all goes to the store together.
 -Go to big super stores where you can get everything you need an it is cheaper.

4. Transportation
 -Ride the bus (On many campuses it is free for college students and can take you to class, grocery store, mall, etc.)

5. Going Out
 -Weekly girls night dinners- take turns buying food and cooking instead of going out   
 -Game Nights
 -Free Activities: Museums, Concerts

6. Clothes and Shopping
 -Sell them to Second hand stores
 -Have swap parties: Bring clothes that you don’t want and swap with friends. Everyone gets new stuff.  Donate the rest. You can also do this with games, movies and books.

7. Get a Campus Job
 -Check your colleges career website

8. Parents
 -Send gift cards instead of cash to grocery stores, gas cards, etc.  That way you know the money will be spent on things that are needed.


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