Are You What You Watch?

According to Life Coach Stephanie Somanchi, your favorite TV shows can tell you a lot about yourself and your emotional needs.  If you understand WHY you watch a TV show, it can give you direction in finding work, or what you need outside of work to obtain your best emotional balance.

Reality TV:
The Bachelor, Dancing with the Stars, Survivor.

If these are your favorites you may like to analyze people.  Understanding why people take certain actions or the process that they go through to find success is important to you.  It may indicate a need to work with people or spend time in situations where you can help people.  You may need some competition in your life.

Warning!  If you watch these shows to remind yourself that “at least I’m not that pathetic”, then you may be using other’s behavior as an excuse for not creating your own success.

Law & Order, CSI, Grey's Anatomy.

These may indicate a need for complexity.  Maybe there is not enough complex stimulation in your life or at work.  You may be looking for an opportunity to enjoy heavier subject matter.

Warning!  If you have a life full of drama and when you’re alone there is nothing more exciting than watching someone else’s fate unfold, there is a chance you could be addicted to drama and feel uncomfortable with things going smoothly.

Talk Shows / Soaps: 
The View - Days of Our Lives, General Hospital

A need for adult conversation or a need for continuing interaction may be indicated.  There is a reason why these are at times of the day when new moms are home or when college students who are away from home for the first time can see them.  New parents may be deprived from adult conversations or complex topics.  Talk shows provide this, while soaps give an opportunity to “meet a friend” in the form of a TV show to see the on-going topic of the week. 

Warning!  Using these shows to substitute for real people will only leave you feeling emptier.

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