New Uses for Old Things

Helen and Dave had fun with creative new uses for old things:

  • Cassette Tape Boxes:  use for storing small, tangle-prone earbuds or ipod cables.  If you use more than one, make sure to lable each box with what's inside and what tech toy it belongs to.
  • Tennis balls:  use to open tight-fitting jar lids (especially those jars with sticky things inside -- like honey)  Just cut the tennis ball in half with an exacto knife, place the inside rubbery part onto the lid, and turn to open.
  • Rubberbands:  can use rubber bands for same purpose as the above "Tennis Ball Tip."  Just wrap rubber band around the lid and turn to open.
  • Zippered bed linen bag:  use to keep craft project pieces together in one place.  Perfect for knitting projects, scrap-booking projects and sewing projects.
  • Paper Towel Tubes:  use the empty tube to keep scarves wrinkle free and organized.  Wrap the scarves around the tube and secure each end with fabric ponytail holders.
  • Magnetic Paperclip Dispenser:  Use to keep bobby pins from ending up at the bottom of your bathroom drawer.
  • Toothpicks:  make it easier to find the beginning of the tape roll by sticking a toothpick under the spot where the tape roll starts.


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