Why Do Get Kids Get Sicker at Night?

Sickness never comes at a convenient time but when your child is sick why does it seem to get worse? Is it an over-tired parent's imagination or is something really going on? Pediatrician Dr. George Bengston had some answers and a list of items to have on hand for those middle-of-the-night emergencies:

- Pain and fever relievers. Have both children's acetaminophen and children's ibuprofen on hand (or the infant formulas for children under 2).

- A children's antihistamine or cortisone cream.

-Saline nose drops or spray.

- Medicine dropper.

- Prescription pain-relief ear drops (if your child is prone to infections).

- Petroleum jelly.

- Digital thermometer.

- Humidifier.

- Facial tissues.

- Ice pops.

- Ginger ale.


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