Humans Explained!

In a new book and for the first time ever, a complete study of the animal Homo sapiens has been undertaken by science writer Hannah Holmes, author of the well-received Suburban Safari and The Secret Life of Dust, to answer every question imaginable about what makes us the animals we are.  Her latest book, THE WELL-DRESSED APE:  A Natural History of Myself,  is filled with intriguing and often humorous facts about our own species, from the wonders of the human body (it requires 26 different physical abilities for us to run) to our most mundane attributes (the human brain consumes 20% of our daily calories and subtle hormone levels affect how we each handle caffeine).  Holmes compares us to other animals, exploring both how we are special and how our habits might not be so different from many other mammals.  She tackles all areas of our lives, bodies, and beliefs from the big questions (such as, is love blind and what is our future in the changing environment?) to the smallest concerns (we’re far more likely to choose status over comfort).  Mixing personal stories and observations with modern scientific theories and research, Holmes gives us extraordinary insights into ourselves.

Hannah has a book signing tonight at 7:30 at Powell's Books located at 1005 W Burnside.


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