Growing Your Business in Tough Times

Life Success Coach, Steven Fulmer, joined us today to talk about "3 Triangles for Growing Your Business: Bigger-Faster-Stronger!"

The bottom line of business is that its purpose isn’t to make money, that’s the by-product.  Its purpose is to solve a problem.  The secret to a successful business lies in its “duplicatability” – can it be repeated often enough and consistently enough to be profitable. Whether starting a new business, building a social marketing company or taking an existing business to a new level, there are three key triangles for creating benchmarks for building a business bigger-faster-stronger. I call them The Leadership Triangles.

Triangle 1 focuses on the vision and its three points are: Clarity, Obstacles, Choices. 

  • Clarity: How clear are you on precisely what it is you do? Can you paint a picture of it? Is it detailed enough that it can lead to an answer to virtually every question that comes along?
  • Obstacles: What are the judgments that stand in your way? Where do you limit yourself with regards to capabilities, talent or intelligence? What must you let go of to fly?
  • Choices: What can you do right now to forward the vision? How clear are your benchmarks for measuring the outcome of your choices?

Triangle 2 expands the Clarity point of triangle 1: What, Why and How.

  •  What: Most people in business know what they do and view this as the most important step; “I sell widgets, clean windows, build websites…”
  • How: Most even know how they do it and consider this the “duh” step, “Of course I know how or I would be in business; “I go door to door, I only clean buildings under three stories, I use preformed templates…”
  • Why: But where most people lose it, is in the why.  WHY do they do what they do, wherein lies the passion, the motivation and the drive.  We know it when we start, but time has a way of distancing us from it, and when that happens we plateau, spin our wheels or wonder why we aren’t going further, faster.

 Triangle 3 expands the Choices point of triangle 1: Do, Think, Feel:

This triangle expands the definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Drawing from Socrates, our actions are derived from our thoughts and our feelings, and the most successful business people are those that have learned how to trust their gut and intuition, filter their thoughts and chose the actions that don’t just think right, but feel right as well.


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