New Hi Tech Gadgets!

Consumer Electronics reporter, Brian Westbrook, joined us to show off the latest hi tech gadgets!


Docupen Scanner is a pen-sized color scanner capable of storing up to 100 pages. The gadget's barely larger than a pen, and perfect for taking notes or quick scanning. Grab one for $300 at

PrintStik PS900.
Print your boarding pass from your hotel room, invoices in the field, or any other portable printing task with the grayscale "print stick". About the size of a paper towel core, it's thermal printing means no ink to mess around with. Load it up with paper and you're set. Print from a Bluetooth computer, phone, or other device. Take printing with you for $200 from

Swann Security is well known for surveillance gear -- it's no wonder they'd be showing off a covert Pen Camera at CES. With 2GB of memory and a built-in USB port to download video -- even Bond would be envious. No price quite yet, but you'll be able to find them at soon.

XLink BT. How many times have you wished you could use your cell phone minutes with the comfort and convenience of your home phone?  Perhaps you can only get good reception in one room of your house?  There are new products on the market to help, one integrates up to 3 cell phones with your home phone wiring – allowing you to save an average of $35 a mont!  Cut the landline and pick up the XLink BT ($70) at

The creator of the Fast Finger Keyboard was tired of waiting at an auto repair shop while the mechanic hunt-and-pecked for each letter of the alphabet.  Sure there was a better way, a USB-keyboard with keys organized alphabetically was born.  Switch easily between A-B-C and the standard Q-W-E-R-T-Y modes, the creative problem solver also comes with common abbreviations and shortcut "hotkey" buttons along the top.  Compatible with Mac or PC and a timesaver at $22 from

The Zoombak personal GPS locators will help you find anything… a pet, backpack – even the family car.  Set up "zones" to be alerted when the locator leaves a designated area or get regular updates on your mobile phone or web browser.  The tracking gadget starts at $150 and they're available at Best Buy, WalMart, Home Depot, PetSmart or online at -- this cost-effective peace-of-mind runs about $13/month.


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