How To Be Romantic

Regular guy, Bill Hernandez, was convinced to join us in the studio today after our staff heard about all of the romantic things he does for his wife, an AM Northwest producer.  He doesn't think his romantic gestures are anything out of the ordinary, but those who hear about them think differently. 

Here are his ideas on how to bring romance back into your marriage.

  • Change your mindset.  Tell yourself that your marriage is your TOP priority.
  • Ask yourself everyday, "What can I do to make my spouse's day better?"
  • Realize it's not always easy.  This quote is a reflection of that idea:  "Falling in love is easy.  Staying in love is hard."
  • Figure out a way to rediscover your friendship with each other.  That is the base of a great relationship.

Some ways Bill has expressed his love for his wife:

  • Super Saturday Surprise -- The first Saturday of every month make your spouse king or queen for a day.  Plan fun things to do together, go out for a meal, give small gifts.
  • Every Wednesday (the day his wife produces AM Northwest) he leaves small gifts and love notes in her car to give her positive energy for her show to go well.
  • He gets up early every morning to make his wife coffee and fill her thermos with coffee for her work day.  (Good coffee is a passion they share.)
  • The last time Bill left town he wrote 20 love notes and left all over the house in places she would discover them -- drawers, makeup case, purse, cupboards, pillow, etc.

What Can YOU do?

  • Think of your spouse as your best friend.  (Sometimes we lose sight of this.)
  • Listen and Observe.  Take pictures of things your spouse picks up and admires when shopping to help you buy meaningful gifts.  Jot down notes while shopping or when spouse is talking about something he/she is excited about.
  • Plan a day that your spouse doesn't have to lift a finger -- a day devoted to your spouse!
  • Name it!  Find a special activity you like to do together and give it a fun name.  Example:  Every Friday find a new coffee shop in town (or whatever activity you and your spouse enjoy doing as a couple) and call it something like "Coffee Shop Friday."


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