Find & Keep Lasting Love

Kellie & Dave Grill joined us to share a little about their extraordinary love story and give their seven tips for finding and keeping love.

  1. RESEARCH U------ Who are you?  What are your hobbies and your passions?  Get involved with those things and you will meet amazing people you can date who have the same interests as YOU!
  2. NO SETTLING---- Do you detect red flags?  Notice warning signs?  Are you compromising? Only allow the best people in your life and only allow good to happen to you with your significant other. YOU DESERVE THE BEST--DON'T SETTLE FOR LESS!! 
  3. STEP OUT ON THAT LEDGE AND TAKE ACTION---"Take a chance and Make a change!"  Be Daring!  Walk across the room or grocery store, etc. to talk to someone you're interested in.  You will never know if that is the ONE if you don't act!
  4. LET GO OF THE PAST---Don't dwell in past "bad relationships."  Really close that door, so new love can walk in and rescue you!
  5. LOVE (AND LIFE) IS BEST WHEN YOU GIVE IT 100%.  Be fun, be creative, be sappy, be romantic!  If you keep the spark alive and keep things interesting, your significant other will be interested in staying with you.  You only live once.  HAVE A BLAST!
  6. COMMUNICATE---really talk and be open and honest. Be sure to appreciate your significant other and let them know it. TELL THEM!  Ladies--notice we didn't say "nag"?  Men--notice we didn't say "grunt"?  We said TALK.  It is a proven fact affairs and cheating occurs when communication breaks down and the person doesn't feel appreciated any longer.
  7. BELIEVE---there is a PLAN.  Destiny and Fate will bring him or her to you.  Have fun-- relax--- make a list of the qualities you want and deserve in a soul mate and allow them to be brought to you. BELIEVE AND IT WILL come true!

For more information on Dave & Kellie, visit their website.


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