Rise in Domestic Violence

Rihanna and Chris Brown seemed like a golden couple when their relationship took a violent turn. Marriage and Relationship Counselor, Sher Ireland, had tips for spotting the warning signs of escalating abuse.

I. Who Abuses
   A. A result of poor or underdeveloped coping skills
   B. All of us can be triggered
   C. People without emotional intelligence skills are at greater risk
   D. If safety and security are threatened we're more likely to respond with fight/flight or stress responses
   E. In a marriage or intimate partnership you partner becomes the target because there aren't enough tools 

 II. Escalation factors
   A. Unemployment - at an all time high
   B. Self esteem
   C. Economic pressure
   D. Loss of medical insurance
   E. Loss of meaning and purpose
   F. Addictions
   G. Increasing debt
   H. Difficulty finding work
   I.   Social isolation / shame
III. Signs of Abuse
    A. Alienation from friends and family
    B. Increasing escalation of violence
    C. Cutting off access to money
    D. Humiliation and put downs
    E. Destroying property
IV. If afraid:
     A. Have a suitcase packed in a safe place
     B. Open your own bank account
     C. Have a "safe" house to go to
     D. Explain in confidence to an employer if the abuser will show up at work
     E. Have extra keys hidden on the outside of your home or in the above suitcase
     F. Make copies of important documents and put them in a safety deposit box in your name or at the safe house    




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