Hot Home Electronics

By Special to KATU by Brian W. Westbrook

Consumer Electronics reporter Brian Westbrook joined us to show off some of the newest electronic gizmos and gadgets for your home.

With the economy down the tubes, many are turning to at-home entertainment.   TiVo HD recently added the ability to download movies from Netflix.  Stream movies and TV shows directly to your TiVo and watch them on your television!  Current models work with your cable television service and support high-definition recording.  Pause live television, record your favorite shows... and now stream Netflix content directly to your TV using your existing internet connection!

If you already have a DVR but want the ability to download movies from Netflix (and soon Amazon video on demand as well), check out The Netflix Player by Roku.  A hundred-dollar high-definition set-top box will give you all the benefits of netflix downloads in a small box.

SlingBox (Pro-HD) -- stream your home television to your laptop computer or mobile phone while you're away with the SlingBox Pro HD.  High-definition streaming and the ability to "place shift" your TV experience.  Record a show on your DVR at home and watch it on the go!  Slingbox makes a few models starting at $180 -- buy the box, then no monthly fees -- check 'em all out at

The under $200 Sierra Sound iN STUDIO 5.0 speakers not only sound great, but look amazing.  Super sleek in ferrari red, jet black, or white -- 50 watts of power and a built-in iPod dock.  Wireless connectivity allows you to seamlessly download and stream music while the unit is in use, and a remote controls both speaker and iPod function.  They've got lots of connections for audio, pass-through power, and even USB.  Check 'em out at or at

Want to stream audio throughout your house and need a central place to manage all your music?  The new Linksys Wireless Home Audio system has components for every room of your house.  Featuring streaming music through Real's Rhapsody, streaming radio stations and more... The core of the system is the Director, controlled by the Conductor, and supplemented by the Player for those extra rooms, outdoor speakers, or perhaps the kitchen.  Plug in any speakers or connect to your home entertainment system for streaming audio throughout the house.  More information at

Battery-powered and pocket-sized, the new 3M MPro allows you to watch movies, project presentations, or share photos with small groups anywhere there's a wall!  Connect it up to an iPod, laptop or that Roku Netflix Player we demonstrated on the show.  Now everywhere's a cinema!  They're not the world's brightest projector... but look for this Texas Instruments DLP technology to make its way into cell phones, wrist watches, and dozens of other incredible applications.  $350  More:

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