De-Clutter for Spring

A hint of spring in the air and people get a fever for de-cluttering their homes! Lifestyle Expert, Krista Colvin, had advice for what to get rid of and how to organize what's left!


1. Dash + Dump. It just takes 2 minutes and feels so darn good to get the old stuff out of the house! 
[recycling, newspaper, broken items]

2. Put-aways.   These buggers really pile up and take away from your home's ambiance.  Put away that project you've finished or abandoned.
[general pick up + put away,  projects, post holiday items, etc]

3. Dash + Donate.  Set it free sister... take 2 minutes to gather up your "perfectly good" yet you don't even use it items and place them in the car destined for the donation center.
[extra kitchen items, linens, clothing]

Determining this upfront makes the donating process much smoother.
Craigslist or e-bay [best for items you’d like to $ in return]
DoughNation Services [best for getting it done quickly + with Tax documentation] [best option for smaller items that are/were special to you- and you blog!]
Girlfriend swap - gather up unwanted items and have a swap party with friends

QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF-full set of questions posted on Krista’s blog.
- Love it or lose it
- Last time really used it, needed it
- Am I really spending valuable time debating over keeping this item?

For more advice from Krista click here.


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