Eight Love Components

Life Success Coach, Karen LaVoie, joined us to offer advice so you can add more love to your world.

144 Qualities of LOVE –Change your life and the world


Yes, there are 144 qualities in love at least. Have you ever stopped to think what those could be or thought about incorporating them into your life?


With us is Life Success Coach --Karen LaVoie who is going to share 8 of those qualities with you. These 8 qualities were picked to help our viewers deal with the state of the world and bring more happiness, peace and abundance into their life.


The nine qualities are as follows.


CHARACTER: A true story. My dear friend Jean was shopping the other day and she found a twenty dollar bill on the floor of the store. What would you have done? Jean—she turned it in to “lost and found”. She selflessly knew that person really depended on that $20. Now that is real character.


HUMOR: A sense of humor is crucial to a person’s well-being. Laughter is the magic eraser of depression, sadness, loneliness, fear, doubt and the feel of helplessness. Example: create ways to experience a good laugh when you are at work, you will notice you feel re-vitalized and more creative after a good laugh and more relaxed –de-stressed.


HOPE: Hope is the life energy that keeps us moving forward when it appears that times are tough. It is the inner knowing that something good is going to happen today or tomorrow that will shift our lives into a place of greater peace, happiness and abundance. Hope is what fuels our dreams and gives us courage at in most important times in our life.


CLARITY: Clarity is a quality so few even think about. Clarity is and clarity does. When you are not sure what you really desire in your life you are unclear and then you are not able to attract or manifest in a quick manner what your heart’s desire is. When one has a desire and then follows it up with fear or doubt the clarity has been muddy or negated and that is one of the main reasons why people practicing the Law of Attraction are not getting the results they desire. Get very clear on what you desire to be or experience and stay in that clarity no matter what.



RESOURCEFULNESS: During the depression people became very resourceful. Why wait until your back is up against a wall to be resourceful? What are you made of? You have talents, gifts and inspired ideas to be acted upon and yet you are not activating them. Resourcefulness for most people is triggered by desperation. It need not be. Be resourceful because it feels GOOD to listening to divine inspiration and follow through on it. Some people are waiting on the government to do that for them. Do it yourself. It will be so MUCH MORE REWARDING and long term.


SERVICE: Stay in service not matter how much money you feel you have or don’t have. Giving is the magnet for receiving. Search inside and discover what you can give, it does not have to be money. It can be time, talent, wisdom…you have something very valuable that you can give freely and so many are seeking with open hearts and arms. Give, you will take your mind off your worries and feel the blessings of having helped others. The bonus, you were appreciated and valued.


WORTHINESS and FORGIVENESS: Let go of any feelings of not being worthy. We are all worthy. No matter what you have done, you are worthy of love, shelter, food and friendship. This action goes hand-in-hand with forgiveness. Forgive yourself and forgive everyone else. In reality we are all doing the best we can do at all times. Instead of judging yourself so harshly, that you end up having low self-esteem, learn from the “mistake” and move on and realize others are doing the same. This will inspire you to not judge others.


Last but not least…


GRATITUDE: You feel like you deserve more abundance and happiness in your life? Then be more grateful. Gratitude is the magnet for abundance and happiness. Be grateful for what you have then you will make room for more. By the way, I have a complete list of the 144 qualities of Love on my website for free.


If Americans choice to “be” only 25% of 144 qualities of love-- Our economy and standards of living would be changed overnight for the better and stay that way for generations to come. I support that change


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