Portland Named Most Depressed City

A couple of weeks ago, "Business Week" named Portland the most depressed city in the country based on our depression rate, rate of divorce, number of cloudy days, etc.

Life & Relationship Coach Diane Dennis had advice for making those cloudy days a little brighter. She suggests that you remember to change the things you can, find reasons to laugh, and not to isolate yourself or bottle up feelings - have friends you can talk to.

How to get out of the doldrums and stay safe from harm:
1. Move (exercise) increases good hormones, decreases cortisol which makes people gain fat
2. Drink H20 flushes cortisol out of system
3. Develop a network of friends/colleagues/helpers
4. Replace bad habits with good
5. Enroll in a 12 step program/find a mentor/sponsor
6. See your doctor for prescription help
7. Healthy alternatives to decrease stress: yoga, acupuncture, meditation
8. Find a buddy, call daily and support each other


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