What's Hot In Gardening Right Now?

What’s hot in gardening today?
As the sun returns and weather warms we’re swarming to our gardens more than ever this year. With his finger on the pulse of the region’s greening scene, we had Metro Natural Gardening Specialist Carl Grimm on the show to give us the latest and greatest tips.

Edibles are hot
Everywhere you turn there’s a hum and a buzz in the air for humble and beautiful edibles. People are returning to their roots; having fun in their yards; and putting the freshest, coolest food on their dinner tables. You can, too. Just sow radishes and greens, and plant lettuces, pansies and Johnny jump-ups for delicious and beautiful organic edibles fresh from home. If you don’t have a copper foil barrier to prevent slugs from getting to your young seedlings, you may need some iron-phosphate-based slug bait which is an effective, nontoxic alternative to the meta- (or metaldehyde-) based baits poisonous to pets, people and wildlife.

Natives are taking off, too
Red twig dogwood, red-flowering currant, and evergreen huckleberry are all beautiful now and it’s time to plant them! The great things about natives are that they support birds, bees and butterflies, and they tend to thrive without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. This is especially if you plant right for your site – meaning you put shade lovers in the shade, and sun lovers in the sun, etc.

Don’t worry about weeds
Instead, pull while the pullin’s good! Moist soil makes it easy to get a head start on lawn, path and planting-bed weeds. Be sure to mulch, overseed or plant the spots you yank your weeds from. This will help keep more weeds from bothering you later.

Finally, buy the right stuff
I’m guessing you’re going to the nursery this month or next. Please: don’t waste your money on weed and feed, fussy plants or toxic pesticides! You don’t need ‘em to grow a great garden. Instead: buy or use your own hand tools and mulches for dealing with weeds; grow native and other nonfussy plants; and use nontoxic alternatives to toxic pesticides. To make your shopping easier, call us at Metro,503-234-3000, for your free copy of Grow Smart, Grow Safe, a consumer guide to over 550 gardening products sold locally. For more information click here.


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