"Trauma-Proofing Your Kids"

Dr. Peter Levine's new book, "Trauma-Proofing Your Kids," examines the effects of trauma and stress on our children. Families are under a great deal of economy related stress right now. Dr. Levine talked about how we can help children deal with feeling anxious.  Here are three basic steps parents can use to instill resilience.

1)  Develop a calming presence. Parents should check their response to any situation. If they are tense, nervous or apprehensive, their children will sense this and react. Children pick up major cues from their parents. Calm reassurance will sooth their child.

2)  Develop a dialogue with your children. Ask open-ended questions such as "Where do you notice it hurts? How does it feel?". Direct your children to the sensation their body is experiencing.

3) Create quality time - restore resilience through exercise, play, art and rhymes. This can include time spent at a park, drawing, coloring and creating rhymes together.

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