Mighty "Predator X"

A once-in-a-lifetime find in the Arctic reveals a new species, a giant Jurassic-Age Pliosaur estimated at 50 Feet Long…and 150 million years old! It may sound like a mythic creature, but PREDATOR X is the closest thing to a real monster ever known to man. Deep in the Polar Arctic, on the remote archipelago of Svalbard, the discovery of a completely new species has been made. Dr. Jørn Hurum, a paleontologist from the University of Oslo Natural History Museum and Alaskan paleontologist, Patrick Druckenmiller, found some exciting fossil remains in 2007 in Svalbard which they were unable to completely excavate at the time.

In July of 2008, Jørn’s team returned to the same location to unearth the fossilized remains of this giant sea monster from the ice. They transported the rest of the find back to the lab at the Natural History Museum in Oslo, and brought PREDATOR X back to life from the 20,000 bone fragments they had collected. Since then, Jørn and his team have conducted a series of scientific experiments and laboratory work to put flesh on the bones of PREDATOR X so the world could see what even they could not believe they had unearthed.

Until now, the existence of this 150-million-year-old creature was completely unknown to science. A creature 50 feet long with a weight of 45 tons – 6 times the weight of a T Rex, a skull estimated to be 10 feet long, a jaw with an amazing 33,000-pound bite – 4 times as powerful as a T Rex and powerful flippers that enabled it to move forcefully in pursuit of its prey, PREDATOR X is one of the largest marine predators ever to terrorize the oceans - in short, a perfectly designed killing machine.

With exclusive access, History™ journeys with the team of experts as they uncover the giant monster in the Arctic and as they hoist the fossil of this remarkable beast by helicopter to take it back to their labs for investigation.

Using state-of-the-art CGI and groundbreaking scientific analysis, the film PREDATOR X, a 2-hour special premiering Sunday, March 29 at 8 pm, recreates this 150 million year old creature and the Jurassic-age oceans in which it lived, piecing together the story of the largest and most terrifying ancient underwater animal that ever lived.


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