Creative Weight Loss

Kellie Weber found a way to lose weight -- and it involved a little "me time" -- one month alone!  Kellie and her husband, Dan, joined us in the studio today to tell us about Kellie's month-long weight-loss strategy. how it worked, and about what home life is like now.

What Kellie learned during her month at home alone:

  • I found little ways to burn a few hundred extra calories each day without taking much time away from other activities.
  • I learned the value of taking a high quality supplement because I cannot possibly eat enough food to get the nutrition I need  (and most of us think we are getting enough nutrition or taking a quality supplement, but we are not even close) 
  • I realized the importance of planning ahead (like cutting fruit and vegetables and pre-cooking a couple of meals).
  • I saw the generosity of my family, who was willing to put me first, at the expense of experiencing inconveniences and taking on more work so I could develop a more healthy lifestyle for myself and the entire family.
  • I learned how to cook more healthy and I discovered creative ways to eat a less expensive and more healthy meal at home rather than to eat out.
  • I confirmed that I work for an incredible company that doesn't just talk about supporting the physical health of it's staff but actually takes action and is supported by a group of people who not only went out of their way to support me, but cheered for me to succeed.

What is different at the Weber home now:

  • I exercise less than I did during the 30 day challenge at home alone and I have to be a bit more creative about when I exercise, but I still get at least an hour in six days a week plus weight training so I continue to lose weight. 
  • There is more of a priority on getting adequate sleep (something that has been an issue in the past). 
  • We eat at home more, saving money and eating more healthy. 
  • We do more fitness based activities as a family. 
  • No one has protested, in fact everyone has been willing to flex.  Ryan (my stepson) was a bit fussy about the change in our food choices (he prefers McDonalds to Subway) but he's been very good about trying new things.

Little Ways to Burn a Few Hundred Extra Calories Each Day:

  • When I commute to work, I drive a short distance to a park and ride, and instead of walking a few feet to the bus stop, I will walk half a mile to the next bus stop.  The time it takes me to walk that distance is saved because I am able to catch an express bus (which happens to be my husband's bus at this time). 
  • Ride my bicycle or walk to the gym. 
  • Take the stairs between floors at work (we have three floors with an internal spiral stair case).  The view is better than the elevator, I get to greet people I see and burn some calories all at the same time. 
  • When I run errands, park as far away from the entrance of the facility I'm visiting so I can walk a little farther. 
  • Get off the bus one stop earlier and walk to work. 
  • I work on the 15th floor.  Time permitting, take the stairs to work in the morning instead of the elevator. 
  • Eat standing up instead of sitting. 
  • I have a portable stair climber (one I can pick up and move around the house) so I try to use that when I watch TV. 
  • Walk to my father-in-law's house instead of driving (lucky for us, he lives very close). 
  • Use my legs instead of inter-company mail.  
  • Walk around the block on a break instead of checking personal e-mail. 
  • Take the dog for a walk. 
  • Replace watching TV with anything that requires movement. 
  • When possible, carry my groceries from the store instead of transporting them in a grocery cart to my car and if I have to use the cart, return the empty cart to the store instead of the closest cart return. 
  • If "my" boys are playing basketball or tossing a superball back and forth, join in instead of watching from the sideline.  

 If you would like to contact Kellie or Dan, you can email them at



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