Bob Saget "Surviving Suburbia"

“Surviving Suburbia” opens the curtain to follow Bob Saget (“How I Met Your Mother,” “Full House”) and Cynthia Stevenson (“Men in Trees,” “Dead Like Me”) as Steve and Anne Patterson, a seemingly normal couple who have been married for 20 years, have two children and a cookie cutter house in the idyllic suburbs. But Steve maintains a rather cynical point of view on family, friends, neighbors, society -- pretty much everyone and everything -- as he tries to survive suburban life.

“Surviving Suburbia” takes a contemporary look at family life and the reasons one might have to question the system -- How does exchanging keys with a neighbor for emergencies result in house sitting? Why do kids’ classroom projects inevitably become the parents’ responsibility? When did we start needing mediators to handle disagreements between adults? – all of which goes to prove that it’s never just another sunny day in the suburbs.

In the premiere episode, “Hero,” Steve reluctantly agrees to house sit for Onno (recurring guest star Dan Cortese) and ends up starting a fire that he later claims to have stopped.  Steve gets caught up in being praised as a hero by his daughter and his neighbors, until his conscience gets the better of him. “Surviving Suburbia” premieres MONDAY, APRIL 6 (9:32-10:02 p.m., ET) on ABC.

 “Surviving Suburbia” stars Bob Saget as Steve Patterson, Cynthia Stevenson as Anne Patterson,  Jared Kusnitz as Henry Patterson, G Hannelius as Courtney Patterson and Jere Burns as Dr. Jim. Dan Cortese as Onno and Lorna Scott as Monica are recurring stars.


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