Tips for Reducing Stress

In today's tough economy many more people are experiencing tension headaches and sleepless nights. Dr. Claire Wheeler, author of 10 Simple Solutions to Stress had suggestions for reducing your daily stress.

Stress-Coping Strategies in a Down Economy

1. One of the biggest causes of stress in life is the uncontrollable.
Shift your focus away from things you can't control and toward what you can: your lifestyle, relationships, health, and time management

2. Avoid overexposure to scary media stories. Keep your attention on the here and now and your own situation. When you do watch or listen to media messages, make sure you know your sources and whether or not they have an agenda or a bias. Stick to the facts.

3. Look for the deeper meaning and possible benefits of changing your ways with respect to consumption and money. Make a list of all the things you spend money on and don't really need - then go down the list imagining yourself getting by just fine without them.

4. Be realistic but not fatalistic. If you have to cut your budget, by all means do so - but don't go overboard. Make sure you still give yourself small pleasures and rewards on a regular basis.

5. Overconsumption is the cause of many health problems we face today
- eating, drinking, smoking, driving too much - all lead to overweight, unhealthy bodies. Focus on the health benefits of consuming less and working your body a little more.

6. Get away from it all every now and then - at least once a week, do something entirely escapist. Read a trashy novel or watch a silly sitcom. This will give your mind a much needed break from worry and strain.

7. Challenge yourself and your family to find ways to have fun together without spending money. Parks, libraries, some museums, and other opportunities for cheap or free fun abound. Better yet, do some volunteer work with your family and/or friends. You help yourself while helping other people at the same time.



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