Finding Your Passion!

Professional Public Speaker and Servant Leader, Perry Gruber, stopped by our studios today to tell us how we can all find our own passion and how living passionately pays! 

Here is the short version:

  1. Living passionately pays
  2. Finding passion is automatic
  3. Start by doing something you enjoy
  4. Stop focusing on problems
  5. Finding purpose ignites passion

Here are more details:

The rediscovery is scary, challenging and confrontational, but everyone is equipped to do it and the rewards of doing so far surpass anything you can imagine.

If you want to find your passion, rediscover who and what you are and live from that place. The rediscovery works automatically once you get it started and you can't botch it. One way to begin that rediscovery is very simple: Only do what makes you joyful.

Passion is a condition arising when a human realizes what she's meant to do here. Everyone comes into the world knowing this.

So most of us must re-discover what it is we came here for. This rediscovery begins by exploring who and what you really are. This exploration leads to conscious awareness.

We lose sight of our purpose because our social systems teach us how to "earn a living" instead of following our passion. Focusing on earning a living deflects us off our path of living our passion. If we just followed our passion "earning a living" would take care of itself.


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