10 Weight Loss Myths That Will Ruin Your Diet

If you're trying to lose weight, you don't want to sabotage your efforts. Self-Esteem Coach Laure Redmond joined us with a look at some common diet myths.

Every day we’re bombarded by new information on how to shed those extra pounds. Not to say that all this weight-loss advice is useless or even unhealthy, however it’s important to know the truth behind common diet tips:
Myth#1: You don’t have to count calories
Fact: Counting calories is important
Myth#2: Always eat breakfast
Fact: Eat some time during the morning
Myth#3: Carbohydrates make you fat
Fact: Carbs are necessary for a balanced diet
Myth#4: Never eat at night
Fact: Calories don’t know time
Myth#5: Cut out desserts
Fact: Don’t deprive yourself sweets
Myth#6: Don’t worry about dieting, just exercise
Fact: Exercising alone is not enough
Myth#7: No snacking between meals
Fact: Calories are calories
Myth#8: Don’t weigh yourself
Fact: Get on that scale once a week!
Myth#9: Eat three times a day – don’t snack
Fact: Eat when you want to maintain calorie intake
Myth#10: Avoid fats
Fact: Fats increase your sense of fullness

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