How to Fight Fair Over Finances

Money troubles are a leading cause of divorce and today's tough financial times are putting even more of a squeeze on already stressed relationships. Licensed Counselor Sher Ireland had some tips for fighting fair.

Tips for Money Conflict
1. It sounds silly but sit down and face the music about how much in the way of bills you have each month
2. Make a budget - anyone can do this, few stick to it because they forget to record every time they spend money - keep a recepticle in the car to catch receipts and bring them in to record at the end of every day
3. Understand that conflicts about money are usually really about something else - power, control, selfishness, dreams and wants, etc.
4. A descent money system can be had, but both parties have to play fair, no secrecy.
5. Try to approach spending as an "and and both" rather than an " either/or"  - both people have to have a win.
6. Approach a lean time as an opportunity for teamwork, what is each of us going to do to get resources for our partnership?
Sher has a free seminar "Managing Relationships Under Stress: Tips for Money and Teamwork"  on May 31st  6:30pm located at 7340 SW Hunziker, Suite 103 in Tigard.


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